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Many people don't realize this, but there are methods you can manage your enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). After i went to a doctor and was identified as having an enlarged prostate, I was so relieved that it was not prostate cancer, I left the office with out even asking if I could re-shrink it or manage it or perhaps if there have been complications due to this condition..

With some research, I found I possibly could not shrink it, however i could manage it to avoid complications that may result from an enlarged prostate.

benign prostatic hyperplasia

Complications From Enlarged Prostate

Here are a few complications you are able to develop from through an enlarged prostate:

   Bladder Stones
   Bladder Damage
   Urinary Tract Infection
   Kidney Damage 

These complications really are a direct result of being unable to properly relieve urine from your bladder. So it is important to concentrate on ensuring you properly relieve yourself at all times.

Helping My Enlarged Prostate

The main things I changed within my life mainly focuses on changing my diet from totally processed foods to natural foods.

Here's what I changed within my life that helped me to manage my enlarged prostate:

   Meat- Rather than eating red meats filled with saturated fats, I began to consume more poultry and fish. These provide unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids to my prostrate and also the rest of my body system. This kind of diet allows my cells being more fluid letting them absorb nutrients and discharge wastes easier.
   Whole Grains- My wife has started feeding me more whole grain products. Whole grain can now be based in the type of not just breads, but you can now get pasta, taco shells along with other such components of wholegrain form.
   Alcohol and Coffee- To ensure a healthier prostate, I also had to reduce my consumption of alcohol and occasional. I didn't completely eliminate these two but simply cut back.
   Exercise- I began to workout more by doing weight and cardio-vascular training.
   Vegetables-. You should eat vegetables especially tomatoes. Tomatoes have lycopene, that has been shown to be beneficial to your prostate.


The outcomes were impressive. My prostate specific antigen (PSA) has gone from 5.8 ng/ml to 4.8 ng/ml that indicates my enlarged prostate has improved. What is important I'm pleased with is that I haven't had the complications in the above list.